Anna "Schecky" Schecterson, Design Intern Extraordinaire

Anna Schecterson_Headshot.jpeg

Anna "Schecky" Schecterson is Team Creatif USA's newest design intern. Anna is a rising Junior at NC State studying for her Bachelor of Graphic Design. Anna will be continue to bring her unique eye for design to Team Creatif USA until mid- August 2018. To get a little more insight on Anna, check out the interview below. 

Why were you drawn to Team Creatif USA’s intern position?

I was interested in the position because I’ve always thought packaging design would be an interesting field to work in. Whenever I go grocery shopping, I always stop to look at food packaging that I think is interesting- I do that even more often now that I work here. I appreciate being able to see the work I produce come to life instead of being confined to a screen, so packaging design is super exciting to me!

If you could describe Team Creatif USA in one word, what would it be?


So far, what has been the most fulfilling design project you have worked on for the program?

I’ve actually really enjoyed working on the internal office stuff because I love identity design. For both of my projects I’ve been able to take the Team Creatif USA identity as it stands and apply it to different contexts, which has been really challenging and exciting. Working here has definitely reaffirmed my love of identity.

How does working for Team Creatif USA differ from other design positions you have worked at?

My previous job was much more art-focused. My day-to-day work here is much more identity and design focused- there are no standalone projects.

What will you miss about Team Creatif USA once you go back to school?

I’ll definitely miss knowing that my work is going out into the real world. I’ll miss everyone that I work with, too.

When you aren’t designing for Team Creatif USA, what are your favorite types of designs to do?   

I really enjoy publication design. That’s how I got started on the graphic design path to begin with, and it’s always stuck with me. I also like to draw, especially illustrations of people.