Effortlessly Delicious.




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Inspired by the natural beauty of the sea, we created a modern, one-of-a-kind brand identity and package design for Pescanova, a 50-year-old Spanish seafood company looking to launch their first U.S. retail line.

With sea breeze and salty air in our hearts— Seafood Tapas was born.

The effortless look of watercolors make the package feel like art and the graphic identity is distinctly elegant, yet easy and approachable.

Bold, appetite-stirring photography makes the food the star, while original illustrations and painted logotype bring the range to life.

Flip over to the back of pack where delightful romance copy seduces you with the story of sustainable seafood, designed to be shared and savored by all.

This strong, captivating identity is sure to catch the eyes of seafood lovers everywhere.