165 Years Never Looked So Good.


Campofrio Food Group


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Authentic Italian meat, wrapped around mozzarella, crafted from 165 years of Old World techniques.

The story of Fiorucci can be traced back to the 1850s when Innocenzo Fiorucci, the owner of a small meat shop in Norcia, would visit Rome each winter to sell Norcinetto. Since then, the Fiorucci family’s dream of providing delicious meats to people across the globe has become a reality.

With Fiorucci’s distribution picking up speed in America, we looked to their Italian heritage to update their look for American meat lovers. Appetizing food shots, an updated logo, and a new Antipasti ribbon are united on artisanal butcher paper pattern to tell the rich brand story. Tasty hand-rolled Paninos tempt you through a transparent window, creating an instant desire to make it part of your next gathering.

As they say in Italy… “MANGIA!”